5 Differences Between a Hotel Stay and a Corporate Rental

Short Term Rentals / April 19, 2022

Live Comfortably During a Temporary Relocation

Staying in a hotel can be fun for a few nights. When you’re away from home for more than a week, a hotel can start to feel cramped and impersonal. Instead of cutting your business trip short or feeling uncomfortable while you’re away from home, consider a corporate rental apartment as your living quarters. Here are five reasons that furnished short term stays are better for travelers.

1. Separate Bedroom and Living Space

In a hotel, you live and sleep in the same room. That can work for a few days when you’re on a holiday, but long-term it can be difficult to endure. A furnished apartment has separate bedrooms and living rooms, which gives you more privacy and personal space.

2. Residential Setting

Hotels are usually located in busy areas of town, near the airport or tourist attractions. There’s no sense of community because everyone is a visitor. Corporate rentals offer business travelers a more relaxed environment and the chance to live like a local amidst the general population. Although you are living in temporary quarters, you have a more residential setting.

3. Customizable Amenities

Renting an apartment for a short-term stay can be frustrating and time-consuming when it comes to arranging utilities, furniture, housewares, and Wi-Fi. Furnished short-term stays deal with those issues and can arrange for other amenities that make your stay easier, such as housekeeping, cable television, washers and dryers, and more. You don’t have to spend your valuable time making sure your apartment has what you need. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

4. Corporate Rentals Have Full Kitchens

There’s probably no room in the house that makes it a home besides the kitchen. Hotels rarely have a kitchenette where you can cook meals and clean up afterwards. Corporate rentals are well-equipped apartments with full-size kitchens that are suitably fitted out for cooking your meals, your way. You’ll save money by cooking at home instead of eating out or ordering takeout. This makes staying away from home a little more personal and comfortable.

5. Short Term Stays Cost Less than Hotels

Corporate rentals are usually much more affordable than staying in a hotel. It’s worth checking into to see the savings you’ll get while having a more home-like experience while you’re travelling. You may also be able to take your pet with you while you stay in a short term rental; another key difference from a hotel.

Enjoy a more comfortable stay when you’re traveling to the DFW or Midland/Odessa areas. Contact us to find you a furnished short-term rental. Live comfortably in a furnished apartment and take the stress out of your temporary relocation.