It’s a HOT Market! Take these Key Steps in Your Apartment Search So You’re Not Disappointed

Apartment Locating / November 2, 2021

If you’re looking for an apartment for rent in DFW, you’ll want to know that it’s a seller’s market. Apartments are in high demand. Sorting through your options to find an apartment on your timeline can be a daunting task. In a hot market, you’ll be under even more pressure to make decisions. Prepare yourself to get the apartment you want without disappointments.

Get Your Financials in Order Before Your Apartment Search

Know what rent you can reasonably afford. Often, people go by a guideline that says you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your income on rent. If that doesn’t leave you enough to get an apartment in the neighborhood where you want to live, you either to have find solutions to bring your income up or find a new neighborhood. While you’re working out your budget, check out your credit score and report. Make corrections if needed. Make sure your score is high enough to get an apartment. Most apartments want you to have 650 or higher, but you can ask during your apartment search in DFW.

List Your Priorities for Your Apartment

Once you know your budget, start your apartment search by listing your must-haves and would-be-nice amenities. Only you know what is important to you and your family, but here are a few things you should consider:

• Location
• Floors – hardwood, tile, laminate/vinyl, or carpet
• Appliances
• Number of bathrooms and bedrooms
• View
• Outdoor spaces
• Fitness center, pool, or gym
• Parking
• Cell-phone reception
• Utilities
• Public transportation
• Commute to your places of interest
• Accessibility

Avoid Apartment Scams

Apartments scams are on the rise. In a hot market, when you’re under pressure, you may be tempted to sign a lease without doing your due diligence. Using an apartment locating platform can help you avoid falling prey to rental fraud. Make sure to visit the apartment and meet the landlord or property manager before paying any money.

Take the Stress Out of Your Apartment Search

It’s estimated that the DFW metro has over 700,000 apartments for rent. When you’re looking for an apartment, get help from Diamond S Group. Our licensed realtors take the hassle out of the search by delivering specialized research and market insights to your inbox. We can help you set up tours for the apartments that fit your needs, instead of hoping that the complex works for you. Our apartment locating service is a time-saver that frees you up when you need to move. Best of all, our service is free to you. We vet the apartment complexes based on your list, streamlining your moving experience, and saving you money.
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