Relocate With Confidence

Corporate Rentals / October 10, 2022

Most employees would consider relocating for an assignment or a new job if they feel it would fit their skills and interests. Frequently a promotion and pay increase can be a part of the motivational perks for employees offered work relocation.

Have you ever wondered what an Employee Relocation Package consists of? It is not a one size fits all venture. It varies on the length of the assignment, short-term or long-term; both can feature furnished apartments where the Business Traveler need only bring their clothing and personal items. Many items usually included are furniture, housewares, utilities, and the Internet.

When preparing for a temporary assignment or any career relocation, many corporations are working in conjunction with their employees’ allowing them significant input on their choice of location, be it in a city or the suburbs. Some Business Travelers may feel it’s a priority to have a short commute or be within walking distance of the job site. As licensed professional Realtors, we help our clients navigate their move to the destination city so nothing is overlooked. We take the stress out of your move, meeting individual needs.

There is a great deal to consider when relocating for a new job or position. Factors go beyond the cost of renting a property in your predetermined areas. Especially where overseas travel for a business trip or an international assignment is concerned. Relocation Specialists and Licensed Realtors specialize in relocation accommodations and hold certifications as experts in the rental/corporate housing field.

If an employee must start by a set date, frequently temporary housing is used, allowing the employee ample time to become familiar with a new locale. Often, furnished living costs are covered by the employer. This time can be used as a segway to see additional housing options before making it a permanent relocation.

We specialize in this field and can help with relocation preparations, such as:

* Home Search

* Familial support-discovering school and child care options for assignee’s children or helping a partner or spouse find employment.

* Helping travelers to become familiar with the area, hospitals, food stores, entertainment options, transportation

*Obtaining Social security card and driver’s license for the International transfer

* Setting up a bank account and helping establish credit in the US (International transfer)

At Diamond S Group, we eliminate the hassle of an overwhelming relocation. You will receive guidance to meet your specific requests. We know all the great places to live in the Midland, Texas/Permian Basin area. Our services are generally paid for by employers, apartment complexes, or property owners.

People’s lives and careers are not cookie-cutter, so our services aren’t either. We work with you to meet your individual needs. Our services include US required documents, Apartment Locations, Furnished Living, Residential Real Estate, and more. If your move is to be a permanent relocation, before you start shopping for a new home, we will help you with the home buying process.