Who Are Short-Term/Corporate Rentals Ideal For?

Corporate rentals are fully furnished real estate properties, usually designed for the business traveler. Hotels and vacation rentals are usually rented by the night or week. Corporate rentals can be rented by the month. Renters who need a “home away from home” for less than a year can rent a furnished apartment without having to sign a year or longer lease to get the same amenities as long-term residents.

What Is Included in a Short-Term Rental?

Corporate rentals are designed to be more comfortable and homier than hotels, but to include everything you need for a relocation without packing up your entire home. Our furnished short-term rentals include:

  • Internet
  • Living room furniture, couch and love seat, coffee and end tables, TV and TV stand, and lamps
  • Dining room table with seating for four
  • Bed, dresser, nightstand and lamp
  • Linens and towels
  • Housewares
  • Utilities

You only need to bring your clothes and personal items. Once you stock the fridge, you can feel at home in your apartment without the hotel-like temporary feeling. Some corporate housing options include permission to bring your pets, laundry facilities and amenities at the apartment complex.

Is Corporate Housing Only for Business Traveller’s?

Corporate rentals are often used in relocation. An employee needs to live somewhere while they are looking for housing in their new location. Some people use corporate housing as a means to try out a new neighborhood or to give them time to sell their house before buying a new house. Because there’s no lease to break, it can make sense to use a short-term rental if you’re not sure if you want to stay in the city or keep the new position. Interns also like to use corporate rentals, because of the ease of arranging for a short-term stay.

Corporate apartments are no longer just for the business traveler, though. Homeowners often rent these short-term stays if they are displaced because of a fire or disaster. Corporate housing could also be a great way to get through a kitchen or whole home remodel a little easier. Vacationers are seeing the benefits of corporate housing when they plan to stay somewhere new for 30 days or more. A hotel suite is often much more expensive over the long-term. Corporate housing lets you live like a local, without having to deal with long-term contracts or a lease.

Corporate housing, also referred to as short-term stays, furnished housing, or executive suites, are coordinated to be functional and affordable for residents who need temporary housing. Corporate housing lets you feel like you’re living in a home.

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